Petey’s Garden

Adopt a Garden Box

Applications to adopt a garden box in Petey’s Garden are due on March 10, 2023 by 12:00 p.m.


The four raised beds of Petey's Garden

Petey’s Garden was founded in 2013 with four raised beds behind Goodman Hall. Petey’s hope was—and still is—that the garden would be a place where the Oglethorpe community could grow food and flowers, learn new gardening skills, provide affordable and low impact food, improve landscaping, and support pollinators.

In summer 2022, the garden moved to the northwest side of the Turner Lynch Campus Center. Please come see Petey’s progress and get involved!


Petey attempts to garden in a way that reduces the community’s ecological footprint, with a focus on minimizing use of commercial fertilizers, use of well water, and transport of food products. To this end, he plants a cover crop of nitrogen fixing plants each fall and plans to use compost generated from waste at the cafeteria and water collected on the Campus Center’s roof.

Get Involved

If you are a member of the Oglethorpe campus community (student, staff, faculty), you may apply to adopt a garden box or a half box for an entire growing season (approximately April – September).

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Fruits and Vegetables from UGA Cooperative Extension

Growing Guides/Zones/Calendar from Sow True Seeds

Petey’s Pantry


Dr. Roarke Donnelly, Director of Environmental Studies & Petey’s buddy